The Major Arcana: 3 Key Tarot Cards

The Major Arcana tarot cards are one of the most important aspects of a Tarot deck. The cards represent different archetypes that can be found throughout existence. They are often seen as signposts or symbols that you may encounter on your journey through life. Read on to find out more about some key cards from the Major Arcana.

The Emperor

The Emperor card shows a man dressed in royal clothing and represents the fatherly or male authority in the cards. The Emperor sits on a throne surrounded by barren land. The emperor can be seen as a symbol of authority or creativity. The Emperor represents leadership and protection in many ways. The Emperor can often suggest the need to create or maintain discipline within your life. The character on this card is often seen as stern, however, he is considered to be just and fair.

The Hanged Man

This card shows a man whose head and arms dangle under his body as he hangs from a cross. He is meditating as he contemplates what he should do next in life. The Hanged Man represents sacrifice and suffering, which can also be viewed as purification. His legs are crossed to symbolize the union of opposites, such as heaven and earth, and it can also be a symbol of death.

In this case, the cross can represent rebirth from the dark night of suffering that allows light to enter back into life. The hanged man is looking up towards the sky and trying to find some answers to his current situation. He is still very much alive and aware. This card can show us the importance of our thoughts and ideas. It also shows that we must not ignore the lessons of our past in order for us to advance.


Justice is shown as a woman holding a scale on which she weighs the souls of humanity and then passes judgement on them. She represents divine justice in life; such justice is always fair and there are no exceptions. The scales are balanced as they do not allow mercy or mistakes. The judge has great wisdom and understanding, so she can be trusted to make the right decisions regarding our inner worlds, which often correlate to our outer worlds where we meet other people.

If you would like to find out more, you should contact a tarot phone service and ask for tarot card readings. The reader will be able to explain the meaning of each card they draw from the deck and how each one may inform your own life.

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